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Don Mitchell

Don Mitchell

Don started investing in real estate in the early 90s, managing properties a few years later, then eventually brokering. During this time he managed one of the larger office towers in Spokane, then moved on to become the Director of Real Estate for a small regional bank with 43 offices. Upon his departure the bank had tripled in size and value through eight mergers and acquisitions. Don finally tired of the constant travel and joined Selkirk Real Estate to focus on helping family, friends, and new clients with real estate investments.

During his tenure at the bank Don oversaw all real estate and construction activities as the bank grew into some of the largest markets on the West coast with just shy of 150 branch, loan, and administrative offices. He also served on the mergers and acquisitions and business continuity teams. Don brings a very rounded skill set to help a corporate client grow or relocate as well as finding investment properties for local or out of state clients.

Don is very family and community minded. He has served on his local city council, and numerous boards. He has coached his children’s sports teams for too many seasons to count in numerous sports.


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Direct line: 509-994-0542

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